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The Sprouts and the Mystery of the Flood

We are so excited to partner with The Guyana Youth and Environment Network (GYEN), local Guyanese artist Vimaldat Bissessar and The Ministry of Health Guyana - Environmental Health Unit to create our first book on climate change and health for children ages 9+.

At the core of The Breadfruit Collective, we believe that all climate justice work must be intersectional, inclusive, and intergenerational. In this regard, young people must be engaged.

Our goal was to create a book, with hopes to inspire children and adults alike to take action for the environment. The book addresses issues we are all very familiar with in Guyana and was created in observance of World Environmental Health Day 2021.


About the Book

The newly formed “Sprouts” made up of Asha, Shamar, Lily and Tim are committed to working to take actions to protect their environment. After being affected by intense flooding, the Sprouts jump into action to help their community. Flooding has a direct impact on people, including children, and the Sprouts are determined to find solutions. No matter how young they are, the Sprouts know they can make a difference and that their efforts matter.

Meet the Characters



Asha is eight years old, and she is of Indo Guyanese heritage. She enjoys all things biodiversity and can tell you about all the diverse flora and fauna in Guyana. Cleaning up her community and talking to the villagers about the environment is her favorite thing to do.



Shamar is in Grade four and he just turned nine years old. All animals are his favorite type of animals. He is of Afro-Guyanese heritage and one of his dreams came true when Uncle Tombo allowed the Sprouts to fly in his helicopter.



Lily is named after the flower. She is nine years old and enjoys reading and being out in nature. She also enjoys helping her parents on the farm. Lily is of Indigenous heritage.



Tim is the artist of the group. He loves nature photography and taking goofy photos of his friends. He is ten years old and loves tinkering with technology. He is of mixed-race heritage.

Uncle Tombo.png

Uncle Tombo

Uncle Tombo is a retired pilot in his late 60s. He enjoys learning and sharing his experiences with young people who are working to make the planet greener. He is of Afro-Guyanese heritage.

Aunty Sue2.png

Aunty Sue

Aunty Sue is a retired businesswoman in her mid-70s. Although she was not aware of her impact on the environment, she has pledged to change her lifestyle and to protect the environment in as many ways she can. She is of mixed-race heritage.

Meet the Creators



Nayan K. Persaud

Nayan K. Persaud is a member of GYEN. He is passionate about the environment and writing. Reading books like ‘The Magical School Bus’ and ‘Super Fudge’ as a child, motivated him to write this book as he hopes that the knowledge he once gained reading will be reciprocated through this book.

Stabroek News Feature: New local children's book aims to teach eco-consciousness


October 31, 2021

Virtual Book Launch: Conversation with Authors & Illustrator in observance of Global Day of Climate Action

book launch video cover.png

November 6, 2021

Interview: The Environment Matters December - Engaging the Youths

epa interview cover.png

December 14, 2021

The illustrations are so cute, really like the style. Great job!


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