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The Breadfruit Collective


Who We Are

The Breadfruit Collective is a Gender and Environmental Justice emerging NGO in Guyana. The work became public July 2020, during the pandemic as a response to the brutal murder of women in Guyana. However, the inspiration to start an organisation like this was thought up years prior.  

The Breadfruit Collective believes that we cannot have a functioning society until it forms a healthy, positive relationship with its women, girls, and the environment. We strongly believe that the issues are interconnected and intersectional approach must be used.

We aim to work alongside women and girls and eliminate gender-based violence by pushing for policy change, aiding in self-healing, and providing, leadership training and mutual aid support. The Breadfruit Collective intends to highlight the current state of affairs for women in Guyana and provide resources and support through building connections and partnering with community organisations.


Contact The Breadfruit Collective

747 Cummings lodge, East Coast Demerara, Guyana, South America


Keep up with The Breadfruit Collective

Bi Monthly Mutual Aid Support

The Breadfruit Collective is committed to working with local groups and citizens to provide necessary menstruation products to those in need.

Through your mutual support, TBC is able to deliver period products, body care items, groceries, used and new clothing to shelters around Guyana.

period drive thank you.jpeg

Youth Advocacy

The Breadfruit Collective is committed to making its work inter sectional, inter generational and inclusive. Youth leaders are passionate about issues facing society since they are the ones already witnessing the alarming effects of climate change, gender inequality and education inequality. COVID 19 showed the inaccessibility of online learning, and rising mental health concerns.

The Breadfruit Collective is committed to involving young people at every stage in its development, in all projects, programs,  and opportunities.

Monthly Events

The Breadfruit Collective is committed to engaging with community organisations in Guyana and across the diaspora in monthly conversations on gender justice, environmental justice, mental health, climate change, abortion access, etc. TBC believes it is important that these issues are discussed with a feminist lens and by using intersectional approaches. 

We share regular updates on these speaking engagements through our social media channels. 

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