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The Breadfruit Collective


Who We Are

The Breadfruit Collective (TBC) is a registered NGO based in Guyana that works at the intersections of Gender and Environmental Justice. By using an intersectional lens and a whole of society approach, our work speaks to and is inclusive of Youth Development, Mental Health, Transformative Education, Sexual Health and Reproductive Health, Period Poverty, Gender Based Violence, LGBTQIA+ Justice, Disability Justice and Abortion Access. 


Our Mission & Purpose

The Breadfruit Collective (TBC) believes that we cannot have a functioning society until we forms a healthy, positive relationship with its women, girls and the environment. TBC works at the intersection of gender and environmental justice to empower women and girls in the fight against the climate crisis, gender inequality, and eliminate gender-based violence by pushing for policy change, aiding self-healing, and providing mentorship and leadership training. ​


The climate crisis is a feminist issue and therefore, all solutions regarding the environment must use an intersectional lens in its approach by addressing issues uniquely faced by women and girls. Through our work, we aim to highlight the current state of affairs of women and girls in Guyana and provide resources as a means of mutual support. We are committed to building a resilient movement through community partnerships and working closely with organisations across Guyana and the diaspora. TBC is committed to making its work intersectional, intergenerational and inclusive. ​For us to fight our current systems of inequality, we need to do it in partnership and in collectives of people who care about going against the status quo. People with determination that a better future is not only possible but it is necessary. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Our Work

We aim to educate the masses on the connection of Gender and Environmental Justice. As a result of this our work ranges from working with children on environmental education through our Dear Future Guardians programme where we engage with learners outside of school on topics on the environment using storytelling, writing, art as our main tools. 


In 2023, in partnership with other groups working to address period poverty, we held Guyana’s first Menstrual Health Expo. In line with this, we carry our frequent period drives with orphanages and shelters across Guyana. 

We are committed to creating spaces where we center Caribbean voices and realities as it relates to the discussion on climate justice. This can be seen through two annual Caribbean Women for Climate Justice (CW4CJ) Conferences. Through our monthly events and annual conference, we are able to engage with persons in Guyana and across the Caribbean to share their struggle, work and solutions as it relates to justice. 

Using a Feminist approach to this work, it is necessary to create space for persons most affected by injustice. It is necessary for us to commit to mentoring and supporting persons, especially young people. Through our Dear Future Women Programme, we aim to work with young leaders who are passionate about justice in its many forms to seek ways to develop their skills to address these issues. The Breadfruit Collective is committed to involving young people at every stage in its development, in all projects, programs,  and opportunities.


Keep in Touch with
The Breadfruit Collective

Friendship, East Bank Demerara, Guyana


FUN FACT: One of the most asked question is why the name The Breadfruit Collective? This is by far our favorite our question because it allows conversation around the climate resilient plants like the breadfruit tree. Breadfruit trees can survive both flooding and droughts. It is a key to food security blooming year round with one tree producing over 300 fruits per year. 

Similarly to the people of the Caribbean, the breadfruit was brought here during enslavement intended to be inexpensive food. However, our people have reclaimed this plant and accepted as our own. Throughout the Caribbean, you will always find breadfruit trees and surprisingly we all call it "breadfruit." When we were looking for a name for our work, we wanted it to be grounded in nature and a name that honors the Caribbean. The breadfruit fits perfectly- growing towards the sky and reaching to the ground always staying rooted. Breadfruit trees are resilient like our Caribbean people. 

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