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About the CW4CJ Conference

In collaboration with The Climate Conscious Podcast, The Breadfruit Collective hosted the the second annual Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Conference (CW4CJ) in celebration of Earth Day. The 4-day Conference facilitated regional engagement on the intersection of climate and gender justice through a Caribbean focused lens. 

The event attracted over 500 registrants from across the Caribbean and the diaspora and featured an equally diverse cohort of speakers, including representatives of Youth. LGBTQIA+, Disability, and Indigenous communities.

Participants discussed issues critical to the overarching theme, shared ongoing work related to climate justice, and identified recommendations and corrective actions for advancing gender-sensitive climate action. The conference offered translation in Spanish, French and Sign Language

The voices in the global south continue to be drowned out by the voices in the north, and we must find ways and platforms and channels in which to tell our own stories.

Ayesha Constable

Thank you!

Huge thanks to The Open Society Foundations for sponsoring this event! Thank you to our panelists, moderators, performers, attendees and everyone who participated and contributed to making the Conference a success. A special shout-out to the thirty-four (34) community co-sponsors who worked alongside the team to spread awareness on the conference.

We appreciate you all!

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